In the first six months of 2011, exports of textile and garment sector reached 6.1 billion USD, up 30% over the same period in 2010.Private 6 / 2011, textile exports reached 1.15 billion USD, up 11% compared to May, is the highest export growth in the first months of the year within four years.

Oil prices continue to slide. On the first day of October West Texas Intermediate (WTI) dipped below $90 per barrel for the first time since spring 2013. Brent also declined, dropping below $93 per barrel, its lowest level in more than two years.

Confirmation of the continuing rise in wool prices have stopped in the 5th week when the price of most types of wool were reduced in both locations the transaction, the North Island and South Island.

1. Vietnamese name: Ha Nam Textile Company

- English name: Hantex Co. Ltd.

- Business Registration Number: 0700.101.268 dated 11/12/1996

- Tax Code: 0700.101.268


- General Director: GIANG ANH DUC


2 . Headquarters: ChauSon, PhuLy, HaNam, VietNam

-Tel: (0351) 2474794 Fax: 

- Email: /


- Sales :


+ Sales Office :  (03513) 853.033 - 110


+ Export markets :           General Director : Giang Anh Duc - Mobile :  (0084) 912 103 443 / Email

                                                                      Mrs Hanh         - Mobile  : (0084) 919  725 657 / Email:


+ The domestic market :                               Ms Thuy - Mobile : 0915 155 321 / Email :

3. Branch in Hanoi: CT2A-2B, MyDinh II, TuLiem, HaNoi, VietNam

- Tel: (84) 42211 8002 Fax: (84) 37871182


4Manufacturing sector and traditional business:


- Spinning, weaving and finishing of textile products: Baptism, dyed yarn, fabrics and textiles.


- Trading of raw materials, yarn production, weaving, bleach, dye.


Scope of activities :


- The Business of entertainment, sports and entertainment .


- Construction: civil engineering, industry, transport, irrigation works under 35KV voltage.


- Trading in real estate, office for rent or lease the golf course.

- Business hotel services, restaurants, catering services.


5. Charter capital   :   350.000.000.000 VND

Hantex is one of the leading enterprises in textile industry of Vietnam was formally established on 11.12.1996 by Mr Xuan Tri Nguyen and Mrs Huong Thi Pham.


Hantex is ranked as one of three leading companies of Vietnam on spinning (VNR 500 rankings by leading enterprises in Vietnam).


Hantex’s yarn is well-know and preferred in many cities of China, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan. The firm still leave 20% of it’s product to sell in domestic market.


Currently, Hantex has built in Hanam province of Vietnam with 160,000 spindles and 3000 rotors. All lines of the company are operating at full capacity and provide approximately 2450 tons monthly, main products are 100% cotton yarn, carded, combed and OE


Hantex having more than 700 automatic machines which are imported from Switzeland, Italia, Germany and Japan, all factories can produce any kind of yarn with standard quality, with morden and well-organized factories, Hantex has created a great working environment for workers. The production capacity of Hantex is 115 containers yarn monthly includes: 65 containers CD NE 32/1, 25 containers CD NE 21/1 and around 25 containers OE 10, 20.


As the good performance of Hantex’s human resource. Hantex business is getting better and better every day, the total revenue increase rapidly from 100 billion VND ($6 million) in 2000 up to 2000 billion VND (approximate $90 million) in 2013.


In the beginning of 2015, the firm is going to invest a new factory which can generate 600 tons high quality cotton yarn per month, the new factory will work with the newest version of Volkmann’s technology, the targeted product are 100% cotton yarn with NE from 20/2 to 50/2. Following that, by improving management and marketing system, company will provide highest quality of yarn with competitive price.


Heading to 2020, Hantex ltd will focus on specialisation and technology’s modernization to maximize the value of products in both productivity and quality to satisfy every single order from any customer.



- Co emulation movement in production in 2006 of Ha Nam province


- Certificate of Merit "The unit has made ​​outstanding achievements in the labor movement production and perform other tasks in


2006by Minister of Industry on 16 QD 208/QD-BCN May 01, 2007.



- Certificate of Merit by President Socialist Republic of Vietnam on account of work and dedication to Ms. Pham Thi Huong -


founder of Ha Nam Textile Company.



- Cup in 2007 typical business for the Board Chairman of the company .


The title of the local competition:


- Co emulation unit excellent in the mass movement of the PPC ANTT protection.


- Certificate of Merit for the Trade Union of units outstanding Provincial Federation of Labor.

- Certificate of Merit Branch clean and strong to complete its task


- Certificate of Merit for the unit "step up the movement to protect the entire population ANTQ in the new situation" of the police


in HaNam Province 1998-2008 66/QD-KT Decision No. 07 dated 21 May 2008.



- Certificate of Merit "One in 10 businesses pay the highest state budget in 2008, " Chairman of HaNam Province under the decision of 253/QD-UBND


on 02/23/2009.